To make the best quality packaging products, we utilize only the latest in industry equipment and technology. Powered by state of the art machinery and a dedicated workforce, we are able to cater to large capacity requirements with ease.

Printing from Rotomec (Bobst), Italy

  • Line Speed = 300 meter/minute.
  • Auto Registration Control System
  • Double extended drier on the 8th station.
  • On-line print inspection System
  • HDI Interface.

Lamination from Nordmeccanica, Italy


  • Line Speed = 400 meter/minute.
  • 1300 mm Web Width.
  • Cold Seal.
  • World Mixer Adhesive pump with PLC.

Slitting Rewinder from Titan, UK.

  • Line Speed = 550 meter/minute.
  • Accurate Slitting with flush cut winding.
  • Laser Core Positioning.
  • Edge trim extraction system.
  • Precise winding tension control system.
  • Suitable for films, papers and laminates.

Defect Detection System from AVT, Israel.

  • Detects Misprint in Text/Color Variation/Color Streaks.
  • Barcode Verifier.
  • Repeat Length Monitoring.