At MM Polytech, sustainability is one of the pillars of our business strategy and success. Our sustainability framework defines our commitment to people and the environment, without compromising on product quality and delivery. We ensure sustainability across all steps of the value-added chain – from raw material to production and from logistics to the application and recycling of the products.


Our aim is to significantly reduce any negative environmental impacts from our processes and products. We regularly monitor all of our processes to ensure all legal compliances are maintained.


Firm practitioners of social responsibility, MM Polytech contributes to improving the social environment. Providing ideal employee working conditions and ensuring job safety is a top priority at our organization.


At MM Polytech, we have further invested in nature by setting up state of the art facilities for wind energy generation. In turn, our plan is to utilize this green and eco-friendly power for captive consumption in our flexible packaging factory. The facility consists of two wind turbines with a combined capacity of 2.75 MW.

In addition to the environmental efforts of MM Polytech, MM Energy, a subsidiary of the Mohan Mutha Group, is in the process of setting a solar panel manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 25 MW.