Catering to diverse range of markets, at MM Polytech, we lead the way in terms of design, practicality and performance. We can meet a variety of requirements and products, across different shapes, sizes, thickness and more. Our versatile packaging solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of every market and industry we serve. From food to pharma, we can customize our packaging according to the product. This way, we pay careful attention to key attributes such as freshness and durability, ensuring it complements the functionality of the product being packaged as well as making it attractive to the consumer.

Frozen Food Products


  • Frozen food
  • vegetables
  • fruits


  • Bopp/Pe,
  • Pet / Foil / Pe,
  • Pet / Met Bopp,
  • Poly,
  • Bopp / Bopp,


  • Friction low temperatures.
  • Sturdy sealing at low temp.
  • Puncture Resistance.
  • Excellent frost control.
  • External odor barriers